Blistex Enhancement Series

June 16, 2016

From anti-aging to a touch of color, the Blistex Enhancement Series offers a wide range of benefits designed to make your lips look and feel their best. Here is a look at the balms found in the Blistex Enhancement Series:

Deep Renewal

Deep Renewal is the specially designed lip balm that's clinically-proven to reduce signs of aging, deliver superb moisturization, and promote lasting lip health and vitality with consistent use.

Soft & Lush

Blistex Soft & Lush ceramide-enhanced formula brings lips to a deeper level of softness for the ultimate in soft, kissable lips.

Silk & Shine

Silk & Shine's unique silk and vitamin formula makes lips feel satiny smooth and enhances their natural appearance with a light glossy shine.

Ultra-Rich Hydration

Blistex Ultra-Rich Hydration is the dual-layer balm with two advanced formulas developed to work together for healthier, conditioned lips.

Lip Vibrance

Blistex Lip Vibrance provides a touch of lasting color and shimmer plus the moisturization and protection you expect from Blistex for the ultimate in healthy-looking lips.

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