Summertime Lip Care

July 11, 2016

Summertime is here!  Hopefully for most of us this means fun activities outside in the sun. For a lot of us, applying sunscreen to our skin has started to become second nature... but sometimes we forget to protect our lips as well! The outer layer of our lips is thinner than our body’s skin, making them even more susceptible to being burnt. Plus, coupled with the fact that many of us do not cover our lips while out in the sun, this makes it even more important to provide your lips with SPF protection.


Most dermatologists recommend the use of lip care products containing sunscreens. The good news is that Blistex provides a variety of lip balms that contain sunscreen, such as Five Star Lip Protection which provides BROAD SPECTRUM SPF30 and provides both UVA and UVB sun-protection.

For a full list of Blistex products that contain sunscreens, click here!

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