Archived Press Releases

06.14.2011: New Blistex® Revive & Restore® Delivers a One-Two Beauty Boost
Consider it a pick-me-up for the pout. Blistex today launched Revive & Restore, a dual solution that takes lips from dull and tired to healthy and refreshed. The Revive formula invigorates and protects lips, while the Restore formula makes them soft, healthy and radiant.

06.14.2011: New Blistex® Cold & Allergy Lip Soother® Especially Developed For Lips Feeling Under the Weather Due to Allergies, Cold or Flu
Because there are more than 150 million cold, flu and allergy episodes in the U.S. each year , one of the absolute certainties in life is that you or someone you know will have a case of coughs and sniffles this year. Sore noses and headaches aside, Blistex aims to address the often overlooked and irritating side effect, dry lips, with the launch of Blistex Cold & Allergy Lip Soother.

06.23.2009: Blistex® Introduces a Breakthrough Lip Experience
They allow you to whistle, get attention and show affection. So, it’s about time lips get a little love in return.

06.23.2009: Blistex® Launches 100 Percent Natural, Certified Organic Lip Balm
Those who love going natural but can’t bear to just leave their lips dry and sore, now have the best of both worlds.

06.08.2010: Blistex® Five Star Lip Protection®
Kiss goodbye to the damaging effects caused by dry air, cold, wind, heat and sun.

06.19.2012: New Blistex® Moisture Melt® Delivers a Completely New Approach to Lip Moisturization
Kiss away dry, chapped lips and say hello to a smooth, supple and protected pout with the newest innovation from Blistex. Known for providing breakthrough lip care solutions, Blistex introduces Moisture Melt, a first of its kind super-hydrating lip balm with the added benefit of moisturizing soft beads.

06.19.2012: New Blistex® Simple and Sensitive® Offers a Great Moisturizing Balm Suitable For Even the Most Sensitive Lips
One in five shoppers look at the length of the ingredients list on food packages because they believe that less processed foods are essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and have carried that same philosophy through to their choices of personal care products. Across a wide range of categories, consumers are looking for less sensitizing products

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