Lip Serum Moisturize and completely revitalize lips

Triple EssentialsThree essential oils

Soft & Lush Soft Kissable Lips

Ultra-Rich Hydration Dual-Layer Balm

Orange Mango Blast Refreshing Fruit Blend

Lip Vibrance Total Care With A Touch Of Flair
Simple and Sensitive Care Your Lips Will Love

Five Star Lip Protection Defends Against Nature's Five Harshest Conditions

Medicated Lip Ointment Helps Heal Severe Dryness & Relieve Cold Sores

Deep Renewal Clinically Shown to Reduce Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Silk & Shine Silky Smooth Lips with a Touch of Shine

Medicated Balm Soothes Lips & Seals in Moisture

Medicated Berry Balm Soothes Lips & Seals in Moisture

Medicated Mint Balm Soothes Lips & Seals in Moisture

Complete Moisture Ultra-Hydrating, Penetrates to Quench Dry Lips

Raspberry Lemonade Blast Comforts, Protects & Moisturizes

Fruit Smoothies With Vitamins and Delicious Fruit Flavors

Fruit Smoothies Fresh Mixes Delicious Fruit Flavors and Vitamins

Daily Conditioning Treatment Cocoa Butter, Aloe & Vitamin E for Healthy Moist Lips

Lip Medex Cools, Comforts & Relieves Sore Lips

Ultra Moisturizing Bliss Flip

Soft & Silky Bliss Flip 

Discover Your Bliss