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Great Moisture
Love blistex! Made my lips super moisturized. Great convenient package!

loved this! my lips felt great!
this blistex was awesome. my lips felt moisturized and soft

Amazing lipbalm
Love this lipbalm!! Leaves lips feeling so soft and it's such a light formula and it smells so good

Very Moisturizing
This lip balm made my lips very moisturizer and the texture is pretty think when applied, it almost feels like petroleum jelly. It doesn't have a bad taste which I was pleased with, and I don't need to keep reapplying it that much since it stays on the lips. I'm impressed!

Easy to use
This product felt good on my lips and the flip lid worked really well

I loved it
I love how it felt on my lips. Its smooth and soft and I feel like my lips are moisturized.

Cute Idea!
I love the concept of the flip top! IT makes it easy to access my favorite lip balm! Easy to carry around in my purse.

Very Convenient
Very Convenient love that it seals itself up and love how smooth it goes on 

Very Moisturizing and it smells BLISSful♥ I absolutely love this

I love this product no more dropping that cap of my chapstick all over the place it's compact, easy to use, and keeps my lips nice and moist.

Love It
I love my blistex it works miracles. I would definitely recommend buying this and when I run out I will be buying.

Perfect for When I have my hands full with my daughter, Just flip the lid and use and done. One handed

Easy to use
I liked this a lot. It doesn't, as easily, get lost in your purse. I feel like the flip top is better than the cap because it's easier and quicker to use.

Blistex Bliss
I got this a few months ago and i love it. I have quite a few lip balms but this one is used the most.

Moisturizing, taste good, and smells delicious. Lid makes things easy as well.

Great Moisturizer!
I got this about a month ago &I have been using it everyday since then! I am in love, it is so moisturizing!

Really Fun!
I play with this more than I use it. I really like the flip top. The product itself is very moisturizing, I like it!

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