Holiday Shopping Tips

November 29, 2016

Planning on braving the crowds for some Holiday Shopping this year? Here are some tips to help make the best of your trip!

  • Plan ahead

Having a plan of attack is particularly important if you are planning on purchasing any hot items that will run out quickly. Go through the ads and be sure to pay attention to time-sensitive deals. 

  • Bring Help

If you have the option of recruiting a helper (or two), do it. You will appreciate the extra company when waiting in the inevitably long lines. Or better yet, you can cover more ground with multiple shopping buddies!

  • Research Prices

It seems like everything is a deal during the holidays? Well, maybe not. Be sure to do your research on pricing and product reviews beforehand. This will help you determine which deals are worth waiting in line for, and which deals can be purchased elsewhere.

  • Treat Yourself

Holiday shopping is hard work! Don’t forget to treat yourself to some amazing deals along the way. While you are at it, be sure to grab the Blistex Enhancement Series while waiting in the checkout lane. This Buy 2 Get 1 Free Bonus Pack includes three luscious balms (Deep Renewal, Soft & Lush and Ultra-Rich Hydration) designed to keep your lips feeling soft, youthful and smooth all winter. Keep all three lip balms for yourself, or go ahead and share with your shopping buddies if you are feeling generous.


Happy Shopping!

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