Introducing: NEW Blistex Moisture Revitalizer®

October 22, 2019

Have you heard about the latest in lip care from Blistex?! We launch a new product this month, and we’re SO excited to share it with our Blistex fans.

Introducing NEW Blistex Moisture Revitalizer®

Moisture Revitalizer®

This new balm brings the classic, amazing lip care that you’ve come to expect from Blistex with an additional boost of hydration that will leave your lips feeling and looking lushly hydrated and healthy. It contains Hyaluronic spheres to help lips hold moisture, Ceramide to increase hydration (which helps keep your lips nice and smooth!), and Vitamin F to replenish your lips and help them feel their best. If you’re ready for next-level lip hydration, get ready to dive on in to NEW Blistex Moisture Revitalizer®!




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