The Role of Moisture in Lip Care

June 11, 2019

They’ve finally arrived: The warm, sunny days of summer! When we hit this time of year, many people believe that they don’t need to protect and moisturize their lips the way they do in winter. On the contrary, it’s just as important to protect your lips as the weather gets warmer and sunnier.

Regardless of the time of year, our lips are susceptible to getting sunburned, chapped, and uncomfortably dry. So, what’s the deal? Why does it seem like our lips can never catch a break?

Luckily, science has an answer for us!

The short answer is that the skin on our lips is much, MUCH thinner than the skin elsewhere on our bodies. Our lips also lack sweat glands and oil glands; yes, your “greasy” T-zone may be a nuisance, but the natural oils help to keep your skin from getting dry and flaky!

While it’s nice to not have sweaty, oily lips, this also poses a problem: how can our lips stay moisturized? There isn’t just one answer.

You’ve probably heard it before, but seriously: staying hydrated is VITAL to not only keeping your lips hydrated, but also for good health in general. Water should absolutely be your best friend. We ran an initiative here at Blistex a few years back where EVERY employee received a reusable metal water bottle to highlight the importance of staying hydrated.

Long story short: drink your water, reap the benefits!

You can also use a lip balm with moisturizing and protecting ingredients. We’re big fans of including both in our balms; our Deep Renewal, for example, contains hyaluronic spheres and Coenzyme Q-10 that help to moisturize lips, but it also contains dimethicone (a well-known lip protectant) to seal that newfound moisture in. Sunscreens with an SPF level of at least 15 help protect lips from sun exposure. Other great ingredients to look for in a lip balm include shea butter, vitamin E, vitamin B5, jojoba oil, and cocoa butter.

To summarize, keeping your lips moisturized is important year-round, regardless of season. Staying hydrated by drinking enough water and using a moisturizing, protective lip balm can help stave off drying effects caused by heat, arid weather, and too much sun exposure.