Top Five Reasons You’ll Flip Over New Blistex bliss flips!

December 20, 2016

5) The unique flip under cap stays attached to the product so you never have to worry about dropping or losing the cap.

4) The cap clicks into place when you close it. That means you don’t have to worry about your lip balm accidentally opening in your purse or drawer.

3) There is more than one way to open it! Try the Two Hand Flip or the Upside Down Flip. Know a better way? Go with it! You may just find yourself playing with it until you become a pro.

2) Blistex bliss flips are available in two varieties- Ultra Moisturizing and Soft & Silky.  Ultra Moisturizing contains shea butter and Soft & Silky contains silk extracts. Both formulas are creamy and rich, so it only takes a swipe or two to leave your lips feeling great!

And the #1 reason you’ll flip over new Blistex bliss flips…

1) They’re great! The creamy, moisturizing formula you can only get from Blistex in a great form and package make Blistex bliss flips the perfect combination of fun and function.

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