Transition to Winter Lip Care

November 20, 2019

‘Tis the season for…chapped lips? No thanks! While wintertime has its perks (holidays, sparkling snow, winter sports…), it also comes with some pretty serious drawbacks. One of the most annoying? Dry, chapped, cracking lips!

Looking for some help to get your lips through the winter months intact? Here are our top 3 lip balm recommendations:

Blistex Medicated Lip Balm

Ah, a Blistex classic. There’s never a time of year when this balm isn’t an amazing solution for your lips! The easy-glide formula allows you to gently apply it without further irritating rough, dry, chapped lips. Its long-lasting protectants seal in moisture, helping your lips avoid further irritation and chapping. It’s the perfect balm to pop on your lips and into your pocket as you head out into the cold!


Blistex Five Star Lip Protection

Here’s a lip balm for people who refuse to let the cold weather keep them cooped up inside! Five Star’s unparalleled formula helps protect lips from nature’s five harshest conditions: dry air, wind, heat, cold, and UV rays (it offers broad spectrum SPF 30 protection from sun’s rays which are still a concern during the colder months!). From skiing on the slopes to a stroll in the park, Five Star might be your lips’ new best friend! 



Blistex Lip Medex

One of the most irritating things about having chapped lips? The painful itching that can accompany it. Luckily, our Lip Medex’s medicated ingredients provide a soothing, cooling effect that you’ll feel immediately! Plus, the formula provides a special barrier to lock moisture in, helping lips return to their natural moisture balance. Um, yes please!