GreenSpeed - Making a difference


Green Initiatives

Blistex has been committed throughout our 70-plus years to operating as a socially responsible company. On the sustainability front, we have been executing and expanding a significant number of resource conservation policies and programs for many years, and we regularly review our practices and those of other companies striving to identify and implement meaningful new changes to reduce our environmental impact. Our Greenspeed Team, established in 2008, is led by employees from a variety of functional areas who express deep interest in driving our efforts in this arena. This team collaborates with our general management and department leaders to help steer new initiatives to improve our sustainability efforts along three primary fronts:

Ensuring responsible approaches to the quantity, sourcing, and material content of our packaging while meeting the need to deliver high quality and innovative OTC drug products to consumers and retail partners.

Changing how we operate and update our facilities, equipment and on-site practices.

Elevating the consciousness of all employees about how they can responsibly evolve their own behaviors when away from work.

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We continue to pursue additional opportunities for improvement.  Consistent with that goal, we are closely monitoring and testing emerging new technologies, materials and best practices, and have many developmental projects underway that can further advance our progress over the next few years.  We know that the sustainability efforts we already have executed represent just the early stages of what we ultimately will be able to achieve at Blistex.