GreenSpeed - Making a difference



Packaging Sustainability

  • We reduced the size of our lip care shelf-peg cartons and cards by 11%, which decreased our paperboard usage by approximately 26 tons annually.
  • We are in the process of optimizing the dimensions of our shelf packers and shippers, which will lower our paperboard usage by an additional 9 tons, and corrugated usage by an estimated 13 tons each year.
  • As a result of the two initiatives described above, we will consolidate over 1,300 pallets of product annually, thus reducing our freight trips and associated fuel consumption significantly.
  • We recently acquired the Odor-Eaters brand, and with it an insole production process that created a significant amount of foam material waste... within 4 months we found a partner who is incorporating that scrap into its own products, reducing the amount of material entering the waste stream by 75-80 tons a year.
  • All of the corrugated materials purchased by Blistex contain a minimum of 30% recycled content.
  • All inks used on our cartons meet or exceed ASA standards for natural soy oil content, and none of the inks used on our cartons, cards, packers, and shippers are alcohol-based or contain VOC's.

Equipment, Facilities, and Processes

  • We installed solar panels to pre-heat water for our production systems, with additional solar
    projects planned.
  • We transitioned more than 50% of our lighting to energy-efficient fixtures and bulbs, and have plans to move the remainder to the next generation of lighting technology as soon as that technology is proven viable.
  • We installed automatic sensors to turn lights off when not in use throughout over 90% of our office and public spaces.
  • We have replaced over 75% of our disposable battery usage at our headquarters with rechargeables.
  • We moved all of our sales and general management employees with company cars to vehicles with hybrid engines.
  • We have used carpet, wallpaper and cubicle fabrics made from recycled materials for all new office and conference room construction or remodeling.
  • We created a process whereby unwanted business magazine subscriptions are consolidated and cancelled so publishers reduce needless paper waste... we estimate that the mailing of 10,000-15,000 issues per year has been stopped.
  • We installed high-end filters for our drinking water, and distributed stainless steel "bottles" to all our employees to virtually eliminate the purchase of plastic-bottled water.
  • For guests and company functions, we now use cups and plates that biodegrade rapidly.
  • We have converted to green-certified cleaning products for our offices, manufacturing plant, and warehouses wherever they passed testing for adequate performance.

Greener Lifestyles

  • Since 2008 in our 3 employee recycling centers we have recycled
    • Over 10,000 hangers,
    • 1300 pounds of plastic bags
    • Over 14,000 batteries.
  • Since 2012 we have collected over 150 pairs of used eyeglasses in conjunction with the Lion’s club.
  • Since 2011 we have recycled over 200 tons of Odor Eater’s scrap
  • Since 2011 we have reused over 1000 greeting cards during the holiday season by in conjunction with St. Jude’s hospital.
  • Last year we save 159 trees through the Shred-it program.
  • Since 2009 we have kept over 9 tons of electronic waste out of the landfill with our annual E-sweep event.
  • Since 2009 we have canceled over 5,000 unwanted, unneeded or duplicate magazine subscriptions which significantly cuts down on paper waste.
  • We have provided reusable k-cups at all the Keurig machines. This helps cut down on k-cup waste which is an increasing problem as over 8 billion disposable cups are used each year.
  • We are also recycling old keys for scrap in conjunction with the Multiple Sclerosis society.
  • We handed out an LED light bulb to each employee. Replacing just one 75W incandescent bulb with the 5 W LED bulb can save over $10 a year if used 4 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • We provided preferred parking for up to 9 fuel efficient vehicles that meet the LEED fuel-efficient standard. A vehicle must have a rating of 45 or more on the LEED scale to park in a space. A searchable database is provided for all employees to easily check their vehicle for eligibility.
  • We started a "Freecycle" program to re-channel objects employees no longer need to others who want them (rather than having them added to a landfill).
  • We installed an air filling station for car tires, which will not only reduce the amount of gasoline that employees burn, but will also save them money and make them safer on the roads.
  • We've given all employees reusable shopping bags for their trips to retailers and reusable insulated lunch bags.
  • We have incorporated a "green briefing" as part of orientation for all new employees.
  • We post and distribute information that includes a "Tip of the Month" on how individuals can make a difference at home (check out examples of our Tips of the Month), a "Green Calendar" of related events throughout the community, information on carpooling options, and encouragement of behaviors like two-sided printing and paperless filing.