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05.22.18 New Blistex® Superfruit Soother® A Superfruit Infusion...For Lips!
In recent years Superfruits have made the jump from dietary supplements to a broad range of health and beauty categories.  Superfruits, fruits deemed as “super” by nutrition scientists, are packed with antioxidants, fiber, vitamins and minerals and other nutrients that can help you live longer, look better, and even prevent disease.  Because of the benefits they bring, these superfruits are increasingly popular in skin care.

05.22.18 New Blistex® Global Blend™ It's World Class Care...For Your Lips!
Have you been searching the world for the perfect lip balm?  We have, and now the search is over. Blistex has created a new lip balm built on long-trusted skin care traditions from around the world.

05.23.2017: New Blistex® Lip Serum ®Finally, A Concentrated Moisturizing Serum – For Lips!
It’s a known fact that beauty starts with health, and beautiful lips start with healthy lips in great condition. Blistex has a well-earned reputation developed over decades for products contributing to lip health and wellness – and their new introduction is no exception.  New Blistex Lip Serum contains a concentrated, advanced formula that deeply conditions lips with a unique nutrient & vitamin E complex leaving lips healthy and deeply 

05.23.2017: New Blistex Triple Essentials™   Three Essential Oils In A Great Moisturizing Balm... A Triple Treat For Your Lips!
Essentials oils are rapidly growing in popularity… long known for psychological and therapeutic benefits, they’re increasingly appearing across the personal care spectrum, especially in skin care. Now Blistex brings their benefits to lip care, using three essential oils thoughtfully selected for their lip-

06.14.2016: New Blistex® Bliss Flip ® Lip Care You Can Really Flip Over!
New Blistex Bliss Flip is top quality lip care that comes in a unique and easy to use package. Featuring a flip top cap that rotates under the package and stays attached, the lip balm itself comes in two extremely effective formulas, Soft & Silky and Ultra-Moisturizing. 

06.23.2015: New Blistex® Blissful Butters® An Indulgent Pampering Experience For Lips
Natural butters are rapidly emerging as important elements in personal care products. Butters provide a variety of benefits and are rich in moisturizing oils, nutrients and skin-friendly fatty acids. They are known for providing rich and creamy textures and are increasingly sought after by women as attainable indulgences in skin care. More and more, women are looking for products that are not only functional but offer sensory benefits.

06.23.2015: New Blistex® Soft & Lush® Ceramide-Enhanced For A Deeper Level Of Softness
Ask any woman her top wishes for her lips and the list is sure to include “softness.” “Soft lips” consistently ranks as one of the most desired lip benefits, but not at the expense of critical functional benefits like moisturization and protection.

06.25.2014: New Blistex® Ultra-Rich Hydration® The Dual Layer Approach To Luxuriously Soft Lips
Savvy consumers are demanding more from their health and beauty care products. Their expectations include a desire for multi-functional formulations. Advances in formula science along with innovations in manufacturing capability now allow brands across multiple product categories to meet these consumers’ rising expectations.

06.10.2014: New Blistex® Orange Mango Blast® As Delicious As It Is Effective
Flavor layering is an increasingly popular trend reaching into categories as varied as confections, cocktails, beverages, and frozen desserts. This creative act blends two familiar flavors to produce a new, delicious sensory experience.

06.11.2013: New Blistex® Lip Vibrance® Offers A Touch Of Color And Shimmer Like No Other
From nail care to BB and CC creams, fun is joining function in many personal care categories. In Lip Care, products that visually enhance lips are increasingly sought by US women. Blistex is no stranger to visual enhancement, having pioneered mass-market optical benefits with Silk & Shine and anti-aging effects with Deep Renewal.

06.11.2013: New Blistex® Nurture & Nourish® Offers An Indulgent Experience That's 'Good For You'
Since the recession began in 2008, Americans have been redefining what's meant by "healthy balance." Only a few years ago, "balance" emphasized self-denial. Today, the meaning has shifted...healthy connotes a lifestyle that reflects making realistic, smart everyday decisions to live without giving up pleasure.

As Seen In

Deep RenewalWoman’s World; July 2009
Blistex Deep Renewal was featured under the section “Smart Ideas to Make You Beautiful.” Keep your lips healthy and young! Think you’re going to be in the sun a lot? Skip the gloss. Gloss actually attracts the sun’s ultraviolet rays to the lips, which can increase your risk of skin cancer. For extended exposure try Blistex Deep Renewal with SPF 15.

DCTReal Simple; June 2009
A Real Simple dermatologist suggests that everyone use a protective lip balm each day. Her pick is Blistex DCT, noting that “Blistex feels good going on, seals in moisture, and shouldn’t come off easily, since it’s water-resistant.”

Lip OintmentWoman’s Health; May 2009
Blistex Lip Ointment was highlighted in the article “5 Steps to Softer Lips.” Dr. Charles Zugerman recommends gently exfoliating your lips once a week by applying a pea-size amount of Blistex Lip Ointment into your hand and combining it with an equal amount of granulated sugar. With a clean finger, scrub the mix onto your lips, using a circular motion, for one minute.

Lip MedexElle Décor; May 2009
Fashion designer Catherine Malandrino is profiled in “12 things she can’t live without.” One of her 12 things she can’t live without, Blistex Lip Medex. She refers to it as her “secret beauty aid!”

Deep RenewalGood Housekeeping; January 2008
Blistex Deep Renewal was recommended in an article called “Crease Relief for Lips.” A Beverly Hills, CA, dermatologist Debra Luftman, M.D. says, "Anti-aging is the buzzword on everyone’s lips. That’s where the newest moisturizers target fine lines and loss of volume. Look for lip balms infused with antioxidants like coenzyme Q10 and plumping agents like hyaluronic acid [both found in Deep Renewal], which soften the appearance of lines."

Complete MoistureShape; December 2008
Freestyle skiing expert, Sarah Burke calls Blistex Complete Moisture one of her slope-side essentials. “I always carry a tube of this to protect my lips from the sun’s harsh rays.”

Deep RenewalWoman’s Day; November 2008
Dermatologist Dr. Joshua Wieder, M.D. says, "Your lips may start to lose volume at age 30, and fine lines around them increase thanks to sun damage." He recommends using Blistex Deep Renewal; it has hyaluronic spheres that improve the condition of your lips, making them look smoother and fuller.

Lip OintmentAllure; March 2007
Bobbi Brown makeup artist and CEO of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, on Blistex Lip Ointment. “When my lips are chapped, nothing makes them feel better than this. Plus, it has the slightest tinge of silver and makes my lips look really lush.”

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