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New Blistex Bliss Flip™…  Lip Care You Can Really Flip Over

Ready, Set…Flip!  Everyone is about to flip over this new lip care product.  Finally, there’s a fun-to-use lip balm that’s also good for your lips.

OAK BROOK, Ill., June 14, 2016 –New Blistex Bliss Flip is top quality lip care that comes in a unique and easy to use package. Featuring a flip top cap that rotates under the package and stays attached, the lip balm itself comes in two extremely effective formulas, Soft & Silky and Ultra-Moisturizing.  

“This is a terrific new choice for your lip care routine,” said beauty expert and celebrity makeup artist, Mickey Williams. “It may seem like something you’ve seen before, but believe me, it’s really different.  This is not just a fun and useful package innovation for a round lip balm, it also contains the kind of exceptional lip care formulas that can only come from a great brand like Blistex.”

The new formulas deliver some of the most important benefits in lip care. The Soft & Silky Bliss Flip is a satiny blend packed with conditioners and silk extracts for super soft lips with a hint of shine.  The Ultra-Moisturizing Bliss Flip is a creamy blend loaded with shea butter and other proven moisturizers for healthy, supple lips.  These lush formulas are formed into a dome-shaped balm that glides smoothly across your lips, providing quick, complete coverage… it takes only a swipe or two to leave your lips feeling great!

This breakthrough package features a unique flip-under cap that locks into place, allowing easy application and preventing lost caps. After applying, simply slide the cap back and snap it closed.  Don’t be surprised if you find yourself playing with it, snapping it open and closed, again and again.

Blistex Bliss Flip (Soft & Silk or Ultra-Moisturizing) has an expected retail price of $3.99, and will be available in drug stores, supermarkets and mass merchandisers nationwide in October, 2016.

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