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Blistex® Lip Vibrance® Offers A Touch Of Color And Shimmer Like No Other

Finally: A Long-Lasting Tinted Lip Balm With Great Moisturization

OAK BROOK, Ill., June 11, 2013 –From nail care to BB and CC creams, fun is joining function in many personal care categories. In Lip Care, products that visually enhance lips are increasingly sought by US women. Blistex is no stranger to visual enhancement, having pioneered mass-market optical benefits with Silk & Shine and anti-aging effects with Deep Renewal.

Today, Blistex unites great color and great care in an advanced generation balm. New Blistex Lip Vibrance provides a noticeable but subtle amount of color and shimmer plus the moisturization and protection you expect from Blistex for the ultimate in healthy-looking lips. You can finally have it all - a touch of color and a great moisturizing balm in one.

"I have used Blistex lip care products on my clients as a base for lipstick application for many years. Applying lip color to un-moisturized lips can cause them to dry out and flake," said beauty expert and celebrity makeup artist, Mickey Williams. "Lip Vibrance has the perfect combination of color, shimmer and real moisturization. I love being able to adjust the level of color. Just one swipe for a noticeable enhancement, or for a more dramatic effect I apply multiple swipes of the balm. And unlike some other tinted balms on the market, the color in Lip Vibrance lasts in a way that requires fewer reapplications"

Blistex has created a proprietary pigment blend that provides a broadly appealing shade of red. In addition to great color, Lip Vibrance provides a distinct but subtle shimmer that complements its hue. This unique formula contains micronized cosmetic-grade pigment in a wear-resistant base that provides a longer lasting effect than typical for a tinted lip balm. Since duration of color is a common complaint in lip balms with color, Lip Vibrance's staying power is a meaningful plus.

Lip Vibrance features a combination of natural emollients and anti-oxidants, including Grapeseed Oil, Shea Butter and Vitamin E, to deliver rich moisturization and extremely effective protective properties. It conditions and hydrates lips and leaves behind a smooth texture... exactly what you would expect from a great lip care brand.

Blistex Lip Vibrance is offered in a lipstick-type container to enhance the experience of this upscale tinted balm. There's even a built-in mirror on the cap to allow better control when applying or touching up wherever you are! With an expected retail price of $1.99-$3.29, Blistex Lip Vibrance will be available October 2013 at drug stores, supermarkets and mass merchandisers nationwide.


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