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New Blistex Soft & Lush®...
Ceramide-Enhanced For A Deeper Level Of Softness

OAK BROOK, Ill. (June 23, 2015) – Ask any woman her top wishes for her lips and the list is sure to include “softness.” “Soft lips” consistently ranks as one of the most desired lip benefits, but not at the expense of critical functional benefits like moisturization and protection.

New Blistex Soft & Lush brings lips to a deeper level of softness with a super creamy, ceramide-enriched formula in a beautiful, feminine lipstick-type container. A new advance in skincare, ceramides are rapidly gaining visibility and popularity in both prestige and mass market beauty products. Soft & Lush delivers a great sensory experience, for the ultimate in soft, kissable lips.

“I have used Blistex products on my clients for many years but their new Soft & Lush is the most luxurious balm I have ever found for lips,” said beauty expert and celebrity makeup artist, Mickey Williams. “It’s really an all-in-one lip treatment, for day and night. It’s a creamy daytime lip moisturizer, and at night, the ceramide-enhanced formula strengthens the lip skin’s barrier to help lips retain moisture, leaving them supple and deeply hydrated. Remember, the underlying health of your lips is the beginning of any beauty routine.”

Soft & Lush achieves the next facet of both fun and function with a really soft and creamy, great moisturizing balm with a specially-blended ceramide-enhanced formula. With exposure over time, there is a continuous decline in natural ceramides leaving the skin prone to dryness and irritation. Your lips are no different. Ceramides are important as they help reduce lipid levels in damaged skin to repair, restore, and maintain the skins natural barrier. This is essential in preventing moisture loss from the skin and lips.

Soft & Lush has an expected retail price of $2.19-$3.49, Blistex Soft & Lush will be available in drug stores, supermarkets and mass merchandisers nationwide in October, 2015.

Soft & Lush is the newest addition to the Blistex Enhancement Series® line-up which includes:

Blistex Deep Renewal - an anti-aging lip treatment with Coenzyme Q10 and hyaluronic spheres. It’s clinically proven to reduce the appearance of deep and fine lines while improving lip health and vitality. It also provides broad spectrum SPF 15 protection.

Blistex Silk & Shine® - real silk extracts deliver satiny smooth lips plus a light glossy shine. It’s infused with vitamins B5 & E.

Blistex Lip Vibrance® - rich moisturization and protection plus a touch of color and shimmer that really lasts. It’s total care for your lips’ complexion.

Blistex Ultra-Rich Hydration® - a double layer balm specifically designed to deliver uniquely luxurious moisturization. The rich core deeply hydrates with more than 80% moisturizers and the outer layer is packed with lush protectants.

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