Lip SucculenceTM

Ingredients / Directions

Lip Succulence harnesses the hydrating properties and beneficial nutrients of succulent ingredients to nourish and moisturize lips… in two delicious flavors.

Moisturization: This lush balm delivers a burst of moisture, plus a boost from the juiciest fruits like strawberry, melon, peach and plum.

Agave: A super succulent, well adapted to some of the harshest environments on the planet. It’s known to contain vitamins – including B1, C, D and K – for moisture that holds up in the driest conditions.

Lip Succulence’s emollient base helps seal in moisture, so you get soft, smooth lips.

Two Delicious Flavors: Each two-pack offers one Strawberry Melon Agave and one Peach Plum Agave.

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