Lip Quiz

Test Your Lip Knowledge!

Answer at least six of the following questions correctly to prove you know your lips. Most of the answers can be found elsewhere on this site.
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Which of the following is not a reason why lips are more prone to dryness than ordinary skin?

Which of the following do scientists believe to be addictive?

Products that protect against the sun's rays have an "SPF" rating. What does SPF stand for?

Why might your lips need protection from moisture loss when you are indoors?

Which of the following ingredients can slowdown or even help reverse the effects of aging in lip skin?

Which of the following is not known to trigger a cold sore/fever blister outbreak?

What does the idiomatic phrase "stiff upper lip" mean?

As we age, which of the following is true about the skin on our lips?

Which of the following can cause lip irritation?

Which of the following conditions can develop on lip skin that is overexposed to the sun?