Herbal Answer®

Ingredients / Directions

Herbal Answer combines effective protection with the moisturizing and soothing effects of natural herbal extracts. It's the herbal way to care for your lips.

Herbal Answer is a light, pleasant tasting balm that soothes, comforts and protects dry chapped lips with the nurturing ingredients nature has to offer:

Aloe: With moisturizing and emollient properties to condition and nourish lips.
Chamomile: An essential oil with bisabolol. Helps soothe and comfort dry, chapped lips.
Avocado: Helps rejuvenate lips.
Jojoba: Rich seed extract that helps smooth and soften dry lips.
Shea Butter: Contains natural antioxidants. Moisturizes and helps maintains skin elasticity.

SPF 15 Sun Protection